15 Techniques to Make Cross-Selling Work

shoppingcart.jpg One of the interesting topic that I really like it is about cross selling. Why? Every salesman can practice the cross selling techniques. Please visit Glodok, Jakarta you will see the practise of make cross selling, especially for fruit boat. You can see people practice how to implement cross selling product. When you finished with apple, suddenly they will ask you for mango, durian, pine apple, etc.

Cross-selling is a key business tool that when used correctly can close complicated sales opportunities, eliminate competitive issues, and create a “visual value” of your market differential. But when cross-selling is deployed incorrectly, it can confuse buyers, delay sales cycles, and sometimes induce prospects to ask for discounts. So, the management of your cross-selling offer and packaging is strategically important to make cross-selling a successful sales tactic. Here the 15 techniques than been proven.

  1. When selling prospects, always have them complete an assessment questionnaire (20-50 questions) to help determine what type of packages you can wrap and offer to them.
  2. Cross-selling should be a pre-developed company-wide technique, not an individual salesperson’s option to close one deal.
  3. Develop at least three packaged offers with specific price points targeted at prospects based on their title (the VP of Marketing Package at $50,000, the Marketing Manager Package at $8,000, etc.).
  4. In cross-selling, timing is important. Do not use cross-selling as a loss leader during the pre-sales process if the prospect has not selected your firm yet. Instead, use cross-selling as way to close the deal by adding value or to increase profit per sales. Add value; don’t discount.
  5. Always offer three different pricing options with the middle offering being your targeted goal of your average sale (i.e., Option A for $10,000, Option B for $20,000, or Option C for $30,000).
  6. Name your cross-selling offer based on the title and industry that you are trying to sell to (i.e., the Executive Operational Assessment for $50,000). Remember, sell blue shoes to blue shoe buyers.
  7. To increase your cross-selling success, package all services as a product. This makes it more digestible for prospects to buy.
  8. Bundle products and services together as one offering for a flat price, spreading your gross margin over the entire price.
  9. Make cross-selling time dependent. (i.e., if the prospect makes a decision to go with your firm by September 1 and you would give them 14 months of support for the cost of 12 months).
  10. Always have “visible” cross-selling packages that tease prospects to seek you out, but also have “hidden” packages that you hold in reserve to use as a negotiation tool when needed.
  11. Never offer more than three cross-selling options to existing customers or new prospects. Too many options confuse buyers and extend sales cycles. Less is better.
  12. Analyze your customer purchases for the last 24 months and develop specific packaged cross-sell offers based on their needs, not yours. Mine your current customers for premeditated sales opportunities.
  13. Always offer a “one sheet” brochure of your packaged cross-selling offer.
  14. Develop a planned cross-sales program based on a 12 month timeline where you contact existing customers on scheduled dates to offer them a pre-packaged offer that is time dependent.
  15. Develop cross-selling packages based on sales objections. The “Your service costs too much” sales objection gets offered Option A; the “I am going to make the decision next month” sales objection gets offered Option B.

A great salesperson inspires buyers to see the benefits as their own.” ( summarized from Paul R. DiModica – Value Forward for sales and marketing)


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