8 Questions Every Vice President Of Sales May Want To Ask!

This has been a tough year. Some of account managers may make quota, some may miss it and some may just give up. And the other perspective, most of  Chief of Finance Officer (CFO)  always asks to control and  to reduce overhead cost, travel, promotion, etc.  And then what happen with account representative?. Mostly  they will frustration every day.

So, based on these issues and you being one of my account managers, I (as your VIce President) would like to sit down and chat with you to better understand your commitment, direction and activities for the coming year.

  1. Day in and day out, you tell me you are working hard, but when I review your telephone usage, it appears you make less than 30 calls a day. When will you commit to cold calling?
  2. When I look at your closing ratio, I am not pleased. You are a professional salesperson. What are you doing to increase your level of sales success? Are you continually studying the mechanics of the sales process?
  3. Your sales pipeline seems inflated. It appears that you are selling me rather than clients. What are you going to do to produce a more accurate sales forecast?
  4. I am here to help, but I am a shared resource. I cannot work with you on every deal. You need to close deals on your own. How will you do this?
  5. When I look at your sales pipeline, your key contacts all hold titles of Directors or below. What are you going to do differently next year to sell to C-level executives and Vice Presidents since they are the ones who OK purchase orders?
  6. Your paperwork and sales forecasting is never done on time. We all hate paperwork, but it is a tool for management to understand your progress and our firm’s current sales position. Will you commit to do better?
  7. Looking at your ratio of leads to proposals, it seems low. How will you convert more qualified prospects into proposal prospects?
  8. Listen, times are tough. But I need my sales staff to be positive and committed. Will you have a more positive approach in the coming year?

To succeed, VP’s of Sales need to be more aggressive in generating leads for their sales force and expecting a greater ROI from associated departments (marketing, strategy, alliance managers), which impact sales opportunities. Likewise, sales account executives need to fine-tune their sales skills to close difficult business and not wait for corporate to feed them leads. Hey, we are all in this together. Salespeople need to hunt for business.

Adopted from DigitalHatch, Inc.



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