7 Techniques to Get Past Gatekeepers

gatekeeper.jpg I would like to share how to approach a potential client. My friend told me sometime even we know precisely the approaching technique but not make 100% we success. For example MLM business, they are very aggressive to get new member, sometime success but sometime failed. Here the technique that you can try. I believe some of you have implemented this method especially for sales and marketing people. The other way to get new client is we should know the ‘mediator’ or gatekeeper maybe nurses for doctor, secretary for Director, personal assistant for entrepreneur ,etc. How we can find and make a good relationship with the gatekeeper. Here the key that I summarized from BDM news.

  1. Friend Method. When you call a large company, one method to get past the gatekeeper is to introduce yourself to them, and treat them as if they were the executive. Stroke their ego and ask for their help.
  2. I-am-a-Peer Method. If the gatekeeper will not help you and tries to pawn you off to some other executive, say politely, but confidently, Our firm only works with [INSERT THE EXECUTIVE’S TITLE] and our clients include Company X, Company Y, and Company Z. That’s why I called Mr./Ms. because she is the [INSERT THEIR TITLE AGAIN].
  3. The Bribe Method. If multiple attempts to get through the gatekeeper have failed, send a business book to the executive (and separately to the gatekeeper) with an inscription that says you thought they might enjoy the book and if they have time, you would like to chat. Then call again and talk to the gatekeeper about the book you sent and about the possibility of meeting with their boss.
  4. Mini-Boss Method. When you encounter a gatekeeper who insists she knows what her boss wants, you have a secretary taking on the image of a boss. So treat her like her boss – tell her how you can help the company and then add one of the other methods listed here.
  5. Pain-Reliever Method. When a secretary tells you to send your information, tell her that many of your relationships are personalized based on the corporate needs and you do not have generic information and that’s why you called to chat with their boss, to see what their needs are.
  6. A Brochure Request by the Gatekeeper. Never send a brochure to an executive – they will not read it. Instead send a one page letter unfolded, with short paragraphs and bullets on how your offering can help the prospect (or send an email in the same format). Then call 2 days after they get it and then ask the gatekeeper to help you set up a meeting.
  7. Your Only-A-Secretary Method. If the assistant asks you for details on what you do (so she can make a judgment call for her boss), speak firmly and respectfully and say that you don’t mean to be rude, but you only work with the executive who is the [INSERT THEIR TITLE] — does she make those kinds of business decisions? (Be careful – this is a very aggressive approach – but it can work as a last option to get through.)

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