Posted by: jsofian | March 16, 2010

Workshop: How To make A Good Estimation in Project?

This week is a training week . I have an opportunity to attend great workshop from the Qnap Holland. The topic what we are going to share in workshop is about Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Actually, the training will be held for 5 days at 11-15 september. I missed in day-1 cause I accompanied my dad went to to Canadian chiropractic Medical. what have I learn in workshop?

The topic in day-2 is about how to make a good estimation. Emm..estimation? the sound was very familiar with IT people and project manager. I believe everyone in the world had experience to make (at least) one estimation in specific case. If you think you are a good estimator, please share your experience with us ?. Here the lesson that I received to day. Enjoy and comment.

  1. There are some reasons that will make project late? works is more complex than anticipated, forgot to include specific task, unavailable competen resources, etc. That why making good and reliable estimations or predictions is extremely difficult especially about the FUTURE.
  2. what’s the difference betwen plan, estimate, and schedule? most the people maybe assumse that all the terminology is quiet similar. In fact they are not, the basic difference betwen plan, estimate, and schedule is in the content. Plan is just identify activities and no specific start and end dates. Estimation is determining the size and the duration of activities. And schedule is adding spesific start and end dates, relationships, and resources to activities.
  3. What is the result of a good estimation? A good estimation must be contains at least an expected outcome with possible range and a certain reliability intended for a single purpose
  4. What do standars say about Estimation?
  • Goal 1— Software estimates are documented for use in planning and tracking the software project.
  • Ability 4 — The software managers, software engineers, and other individuals involved in the software project planning are trained in the software estimating and planning procedures applicable to their areas of responsibility.
  • Activity 9 — Estimates for the size of the software work products (or changes to the size of software work products) are derived according to a documented procedure.
  • Activity 10 — Estimates for the software project’s effort and costs are derived according to a documented procedure.
  • Activity 11 — Estimates for the project’s critical computer resources are derived according to a documented procedure.

5. What is kind of items that we can make estimation?Here the example we can estimate product and project complexity, software size, design contraints, software performance, software development time, cost, the impact of risk, non human cost, etc.

6. What is the estimation steps?

  • Define the work tobe done.
  • Estimate the size of the work.
  • Determine the development work.
  • Determine developer and lead time of the work.
  • Determine (total) lead time, effort, and budget.
  • REview and approve the results.



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