Socio Technology Perspective for E-Government Implementation in Indonesia

Abstract— The development of information and communication technology (ICT) in the Indonesian government has brought a new paradigm shift in the methods and processes of interaction among government, society, business, and intergovernment. Various international surveys (United Nations, Waseda University, and Economist Intelligence Unit) show that the implementation of e-government in every country is significantly increased, and it brings impacts on government and community relationship which is conducted from conventional to digital-based forms.  However, many challenges and problems come up during the implementation of e-Government, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. For Indonesia, the survey results can be used as a barometer for improving the services because the position of Indonesia in the study results is still far from expectation. The challenges and problems faced by the Indonesian government can be categorized into technical and non technical factors. This paper, therefore, will explore and map the problems of the E-government implementation in Indonesia by using a fishbone analysis to discover the problem roots holistically. This study proposes a socio-technical approach to overcome the problems in implementing E-government in Indonesia. By developing a socio-technical model, the behavior of e-Government application users and the design standards of technology quality will be able to be measured so that the implementation of E-government in Indonesia can be more effective.  Download complete paper here.


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