1st winner- ITCASO Binus 2013Since 2010, the e-Government laboratory is actively involved in various competitions related to IT Business and successively took home the trophy of second or third winner. This year, Bina Nusantra University (Binus) held IT Solution Case (ITCaso) Competition 2013 with the theme of Infinite Creation. The e-Government laboratory send 1 team named ‘Nusantara Consulting’ where Immanuel Sukrisna, Aldyra Dhien Swavira, and Adrian Nuradiansyah as the member and Jonathan Sofian as the supervisor.

ITCaso Competition aims to train and explored the analysis of the participants to a real life business cases in which the participants are expected to recommend business solutions using IT innovation. This year, ITCaso followed by a dozen teams from various Universities in Indonesia.

ITCaso has different competition than before because competition was held in 2 stages or round. The first round took place during May 18th to 23rd and the final round was held on May 31st until June 1st. In the first round, participants were asked to work in teams and make softcopy of presentation explaining recommended solution for the case. The softcopy solution to the case that sent to the committee will be assessed by the jury. Afterwards, the 5 finalists who advanced and qualified to compete again in the Final ITCaso have to enter quarantine at Binus Square and did the final presentation at Binus Anggrek Campus.

In the final round, all the teams is quarantined for 10 hours and is required to provide a solution to the case entitled “Scrums, Sprints, Spikes and Poker: A Bulgarian Agility in Software Company.” Participants were asked to answer the problems of business and IT within the company and assessed by: Business Aspects of Recommendation, IT Aspects of Recommendation, and Originality Analysis (presentation).

The next day, participants and team of Archipelago Consulting presented recommendations with the help of PowerPoint solution within 15 minutes and answer questions from the jury 6 for 30 minutes. During the presentation, question and answer from Nusantara teams was using full English. The jury who is an expert in the field of business and IT is also the jury of the world’s multinational companies, such as Ernst & Young (EY), Procter & Gamble (P & G), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

In this year’s competition, Nusantara Consulting Team successfully got 1st winner of the IT arena Case Solution (ITCaso) 2013. Nusantara team ranking brought the trophy along with some other gifts.

We would like to thank to Mr. Jonathan Sofian as supervisor and Prof. Dana Indra Sensuse, Ph.D., for his support during the competition. Hopefully, will continue to create achievements for e-Government Laboratory at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia in the future. ( Source: Laboratory of E-Government 0f Universitas Indonesia)

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